Fleet Management

Fleet Management

What is Fleet management Software?

Fleet management software has been around for a while, albeit in a very different form than it is today. An early example that you may have heard of is LoJack, which was used to help find stolen cars and was mainly used by police forces.

The software has since evolved into something much more complex and informative. Modern fleet management software aims to digitize and synthesize a wealth of knowledge about your vehicle fleet that can help improve cost efficiency.

What does Fleet Management Software do?

Fleet management software, also known as GPS fleet tracking, gives you a deep connection to the vehicles in your fleet. At any given time you can check on a number of statuses within your vehicles. Fleet management can offer an immense amount of insight into even the smallest details of your business.

If needed, fleet management software can provide 24/7 insights into your vehicles and assets. This type of monitoring provides an employer with information such as whether or not a package was delivered or if a route is on time. The ability to see when packages are delivered helps to take out the worry of late or undelivered goods.

Tracking software also reduces fuel consumption and waste. One way it does this is by rerouting vehicles to find the quickest route. It also has the ability to track idle times that could be affecting overall consumption and waste. The software can help to cut this idle time down by advising the drivers on better driving practices to avoid traffic and idling.

A classic trait of these systems is the ability to track the vehicle in case of theft. As soon as the vehicle leaves a specific area you can track it and the driver to ensure they are still in control of the vehicle and if not, you know exactly where it is going.

Fleet management software gives you insight into diagnostics and the most recent maintenance done to the vehicle. The most efficient vehicle is one that is up to date on all types of maintenance and addresses problems immediately, using this software you can ensure a long life for your vehicle.

With fleet management you can exercise complete control of your enterprise. Being able to locate where vehicles are, how employees work, and fix maintenance issues whenever they arise, you can mitigate costs and use the most beneficial and productive measures to ensure your businesses success.

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Who Offers Fleet Management Software?

There are a diverse range of companies that offer fleet management services. There are a few companies that consistently find their software topping best-of lists. We have collected some of them for you here with their pros and cons to get you started in your fleet management journey.

Verizon Networkfleet

Verizon Networkfleet is constantly coming out on top of the lists. They offer high flexibility, customizable reports and very easy to use software. The drivers can see the information which might cause them to adjust their practices without needing to be told, benefiting your business with minimal effort.


Fleetistics are able to give you accurate information about your vehicles. The information is easily presented and very easy to track. The one con here is that drivers can access and therefore possibly tamper with the results, however this should not cause a problem for most businesses.


NexTraq give you an interactive map, great customer service, and easy tracking. The only drawback may be that they don’t provide you with fault codes on your vehicles.

Who Uses Fleet Management Software?

Medical equipment transportation

Medical equipment transportation uses the software in order to ensure that the precious cargo, in forms of very expensive equipment, does not get damaged in the process of transporting.

Delivery services

Delivery services benefit from knowing that their drivers deliver packages undamaged and on time.

Service providers

Service providers need to know that their drivers are as efficient as possible when they install or fix something in a customer’s home. This knowledge is immensely beneficial for the employer to organise their business.

These are just a few examples of how businesses use fleet management software. There are hundreds of industries that can benefit from efficient fleet management.

Fleet Management Costs

The cost of all of these services will vary among providers and the specific features that you need for your business fleet.

There are a few things you need to consider; There will be a startup fee, cancellation fee, price per vehicle per month, and installation costs. All things considered it can cost anywhere from $30.00 to over $900.00 per month. The price will vary according to your needs.

Free Fleet Management Software

While you won’t find a completely free fleet management software company you can utilize some free demos to see if it’s right for you. For instance Fleet Manager by GPDTrackit, Fleet Commander by Agile Access Control, and Manager Plus all offer a free demo.

Free software demos are useful to see if the software is worth keeping and how it impacts your productivity.

Fleet management software can provide immense insight into your business and what you can do to improve it. For these reasons you should consider looking into finding the right software for your company and its needs.